Umbrella Today?

We know you haven’t seen a cloud in the sky since April, and the idea that a droplet produced by something other than lawn sprinklers might moisten you is totally foreign. But in case you’ve forgotten, the rainy season is coming up. Seriously. Soon, you’ll need to know: Will you need to carry an umbrella? That is where Umbrella Today?—a pleasingly stripped-down site that has as its tag line, “It’s like totally the simplest weather report ever, Julie”—can help you out. Just enter your ZIP code and you get sent to a page that says either “NO” or “YES” (with appropriate blue-sky or raindrop patterns, respectively) to the all-important question of whether to bring your bumbershoot. The truly brolly-obsessed can also sign up for text-message pings. Bring on the monsoons.