Culinary stops in Davis

illustration by MARK STIVERS

When a friend passing through Northern California called me and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch in Davis, I eagerly said yes. Having gone to college at UC Davis, I had a particular fondness for the place. Sadly, though, I rarely ever make the trip there these days and every so often found myself craving some of the food there.

I made a quick stop at the Davis Village Bakery, where they make an epic garlic Parmesan bread. I bought three loaves, one of which never made it to the car. This bread is—to me—the best food on the planet.

After that, I met my friend at Davis Noodle City, where you can get truly authentic Chinese noodle dishes (don’t miss the fried pork-chop noodles and the dan dan noodles).

Loaded with carbs and a few pounds heavier, I then dropped by the Davis Farmers Market. If you haven’t been to the Davis F.M., I encourage you to go. Performers, a wide variety of artisan products, bright clusters of colorful produce and plenty of hot food from samosas to wood-fired pizzas make for a varied experience.