Crime In Choir

The Hoop

Since 2001, Bay Area band Crime In Choir has wowed audiences with its Moog-infused, prog-rock hybrid sound. Although the band’s original lineup has changed slightly from its first recording for local indie Omnibus Records, the ingredients are essentially the same. That’s a good thing. In addition to original members Kenny Hopper and Jesse Reiner, Crime In Choir includes the accomplished musicianship of Carson McWhirter and Ian Hill (both formerly of the defunct band Ent) and guitarist Jarrett Wrenn. One listen to such tracks as “The Perfect Cover for This Is Fur” or “Magnetotail” will make you recall Oxygene-era Jean Michel Jarre and Genesis’ Live album featuring Peter Gabriel. Fans of math rock (Don Caballero, Hella and Four Tet) should enjoy and embrace the soundscapes herein. A slam-dunk for true audiophiles.