The Curse of Blondie

Blondie’s first album since its 1999 comeback, No Exit, is a mixed bag. The best songs, like “Undone,” a drum-heavy rock ballad, could’ve come off my favorite Blondie album, 1979’s Eat to the Beat. The worst, like “Rules for Living,” a silly New Age reincarnation ballad, could be from the dismal 1980 album Autoamerican. When Debbie Harry’s good, she’s very, very good; when she’s bad, she totally sucks. Best here is the first single, “Good Boys,” a funky Eurodisco hit. Also fine is “Last One in the World,” cool apocalyptic power punk—what Blondie does best. Another miss is “The Tingler,” a loopy, childish ballad that made me think: “Please! Make it stop!” Harry’s voice sounds as good as it ever did. Blondie fans will love at least half of the album. As for the rest? Skip it.