Crank Dot Net

The highlight of this clearinghouse for online oddballs is its “Crank o’ the Day” feature—a daily spotlight on an Internet nutcase—with special categories for the more bizarre examples of the genre. The “crank list” has subdivisions for science, technology, mathematics, extraterrestrials, religion, the paranormal, prophecy, conspiracy and humor, making oddball rants easy to find by topic. I checked out such interesting things as Armageddon Okies (labeled a parody, in case I’d miss that) and the Ofappit Institute of Technology, home of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT). The site offers a broad sampling of every flavor of crackpot—and, considering the number of kooks who gravitate toward the Web rather than medication, that’s more flavors than at Baskin-Robbins.