The Hall of Douchebags

This is the funniest site I’ve seen in, oh, at least a few days. It’s part of the Web site of longtime rock critic Dave Marsh’s Rock & Roll Confidential newsletter, and it consists of hundreds of thumbnail rock-band publicity photos. Click on any one, and it pops up in another window with a snarky comment (we love snarky comments). For example, one denim-clad group of backwoods heshers appears to be blowing Marlboro smoke amid the brush; the comment below is, “The last thing you … and your butthole … wants to see on a hike.” These aren’t major-label pub photos, by the way; they’re uniformly heinous pix of ugly metal bands, ’80s poseurs and even schlumpy looking indie rockers. Some pictures even have MP3 links, indicated by a green “Mr. Suck” icon. Don’t go here if you hate to laugh.