Connie and Carla

Rated 2.0 Scribe-actress Nia Vardalos follows her smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding with yet another glorified but not as colorful nor amusing sitcom. She has given Billy Wilder’s convulsively funny Some Like It Hot a gender twist, in which the two struggling female Chicago airport-lounge entertainers of the title (Vardalos and Toni Collette) witness a killing. They flee town, with mobsters wanting to forever silence them, and head to Los Angeles, where, so the joke here goes, no one in their right mind would look for talent of their quality. They then pose as men, work as drag queens in a West Hollywood club and become much too successful for their own good health while dispensing themes of tolerance and self-worth. A subplot of a fellow queen reconciling with a long-lost brother (David Duchovny) only accentuates the thinness of the script.