Community: Season 1

Rated 5.0

The Community second-season premiere is not until September 23, so you can still catch up on the program that seized the mantle of “Funniest Show on Television” in its first season. Community failed to make a dent in the ratings, although that’s probably just as well, since the long-term viability of a school-set show that starts self-referencing before its 10th episode is questionable at best. Joel McHale and his eyebrows play Jeff Winger, a disbarred lawyer who returns to community college to earn his degree, and a man whose morally lax resemblance to Hawkeye Pierce is referenced in one of the season’s high-point episodes. He forms a Spanish study group with the best ensemble on TV—Chevy Chase and five potential breakout stars, although the lovely Alison Brie (already a secret weapon on Mad Men) is a personal favorite.