The Joneses

Rated 3.0

Muddled, barely released The Joneses is an intriguing mess, as first-time director Derrick Borte allows a ripe comedic premise to die on the vine. David Duchovny and Demi Moore star as “the Joneses,” heads of a mannequin-fresh, upscale suburban family that is actually a front for a free-form guerrilla marketing firm. Duchovny, Moore and their two attractive children act as an advertising “cell,” showing off their free designer sportswear, luxury cars and high-tech gadgets to envious neighbors unaware of the ruse. There is a satirical promise in the topical conceit of The Joneses that only occasionally emerges; too often, the film’s high-concept ambitions are undermined by a lowbrow approach. Duchovny and Moore are well-cast as vapid and pretty avatars, so it’s frustrating that the film ultimately hinges on us caring whether or not they get together.