Comedy Central’s TV Funhouse

Comedy Central

In another “did this really need to be released on DVD?” moment, Comedy Central brings us TV Funhouse—all eight episodes. A spin-off of the Saturday Night Live segment, the series finds a children’s TV host, played by Doug Dale, trying to put on a show while his puppets wreak havoc. For anyone who’s seen Meet the Feebles, the gratuitous puppet sex, drug use and vomit can’t be shocking. However, mixing puppets with the real world often provides solid laughs. When live kittens are used during a puppet childbirth, it’s ingenious, especially when one tries to climb back in. Guest stars, including John Ritter and Robert Goulet, show that by keeping the formula simple—as The Muppet Show and Pee-wee’s Playhouse have before—adult humor can come from the insanity already inherent in a children’s show.