Clive & Bacon: Dog fashion emporium

Photo courtesy of Tina Chen

Typical St. Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t exactly everyone’s idea of fun. Children chase and pinch each other over not wearing the “right” color to school. You can’t go into a bar without passing a group of shouting bros. And green beer, really?

What we all actually want to do is chill out at home with a pint and our dogs. Tina Chen intuits this hidden desire. Via her business Clive & Bacon, she’s unveiled about a dozen adorable, St. Patrick’s Day-themed bandanas for your best friend. They festively proclaim things like “drinking buddy,” “Irish you were bacon” and “Lucky mutha fluffa,” and some can be custom-made with your pup’s name. In Chen’s words: “Dogs are like family, and just like dressing up babies in sunglasses and headbands, bandanas are a great way to show your dog’s personality!”

Of course, there are year-round options as well, featuring fun prints, emojis and daring declarations of “Besties” status. Most bandanas are about $19, which might seem steep, but Chen makes them all by hand in Sacramento. There’s also a line of sharp bow ties and pet-focused apparel for humans.

Chen started Clive & Bacon in 2015. Her dog and the official Clive & Bacon model (pictured) is actually named Peanut, not Bacon. She has quite the Instagram following at @thenuttydoodle. Check out Clive & Bacon’s products online at