CBD and me

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

High. What’s the state of CBD? Is it in Lucky like they said it would be yet? Are there any states allow CBD and not THC? How’s the science going? What’s a dose of CBD? Also, how will I know it’s working if I don’t get high?

—Ken A. Badiol

High yourself. You ask a lot of questions. But you ask a lot of good questions, so it’s cool. CBD is dang near everywhere. There are approximately 18 states that have “CBD only” laws on the books. These laws allow a small number of patients to use CBD (but not THC) as a medicine. These laws are a good first step, but many doctors feel like cannabis is effective as a medicine because of the “entourage effect,” meaning that it isn’t just the CBD that’s most effective, but CBD combined with a little THC, or myrcene of CBG (cannabigerol) or any of the various other chemicals in the cannabis plant.

It is not yet in Lucky or Trader Joe’s yet, although you can buy all sorts of CBD lotions and tinctures online in all 50 states. While CBD is still a Schedule I drug (and the Drug Enforcement Administration reaffirmed its opposition to CBD in a memo from 2016), folks seem to be hella brazen about shipping CBD-infused products all over. Most businesses feel they can get away with this because they get their CBD from hemp plants as opposed to cannabis plants (there is also debate about whether CBD derived from hemp is less effective than CBD derived from whole plant cannabis). But the DEA does not care, so be careful. And remember: Since many “CBD only” businesses are unregulated and untested, it is hard to tell which online companies are acting in good faith. Caveat emptor.

There were a bunch of good studies last year, including one showing that CBD can help with autism. No one knows the correct “dose” of CBD. Every person is different, and people react to CBD in different ways. A dose can be anywhere from 2.5 milligrams to 20 milligrams. You will know it is working because you feel better. Aspirin doesn’t get you high, but your headache goes away. I smoked high-CBD plants for a week back in 2014 when I was a judge for the High Times Cup, and my knees felt great. I know that isn’t a subjective measure, but cannabis is still an inexact science. We need more studies. If you want even more information about CBD, I suggest checking out www.projectcbd.org. They are awesome.

Have you ever smoked out of a roll of Life Savers?

—@krawnik707420 (via Twitter)

That’s a new one. I have smoked out of pop cans, pumpkins, rolled-up aluminum foil, an apple, a carrot and even just set a nug on fire and inhaled the vapors, but I have never used a roll of Life Savers as a chillum. Good idea though.