Cary Rodda

Plain Manila Wrapper

Cary Rodda’s new EP suggests that music in general is too serious. His solo effort features five short, three-chord pop-punk tunes that are honest and clearly tongue-in-cheek. Rodda, a local music veteran—most recently with Go National—and an occasional contributing writer to this paper, keeps his music simple and unpretentious. His songs follow the unpolished tradition of punk, and his objective of writing catchy tunes reminiscent of Social Distortion is clear. Songs like “Pussy Whipped” (“I’m just a slave to your thighs / I love your honey pie”) and the 1980s-retro sound of “I Wanna” (“I wanna sleep with you / Fuck you tonight”) seem sophomoric and one-dimensional, and “Lamb to the Slaughter” turns on obvious symbolism, but they implore us to join in Rodda’s fun.