Blue Ribbon

Another Time

From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, Sacto had a kickin’ techno-dance scene. That said, if you’re reminiscing about scooting in your parachute pants to Yaz, then I’m talking to you. Blue Ribbon is a quartet from Providence, R.I., that plays classic synth-pop, and its debut CD, Another Time, proves it’s a fine practitioner of the form. Musically and vocally, the band owes a big debt to 1980s Brit groups like OMD, Blancmange, Heaven 17 and especially Power, Corruption & Lies-era New Order, if fronted by Vince Clarke. “Eagles Fly,” which debuted on Blue Bell Records’ great Hear You Soon: Part 1 compilation, is a standout track with pensive vocals over pastoral hooks. “2012205” wouldn’t be out of place on Brian Eno’s Music for Films. So, which member of The Breakfast Club are you most like?