Captain Karl Miller

Those familiar with local rockers Warp 11 would never doubt their dedication to Star Trek. The band dresses in Star Trek-inspired garb, names its albums Suck My Spock and Boldly Go Down on Me and has appeared in documentaries about fans of the popular show. Trekkies of all ages can catch the band at Swabbie’s this Saturday. In the meantime, here is Captain Karl Miller’s Playlist:

1. “Theme from Cyrano / Mr. Tambourine Man”
by William Shatner (from The Transformed Man)

2. “Highly Illogical”
by Leonard Nimoy (from Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space)

3. “Never Trust a Klingon”
by S.P.O.C.K. (from Five Year Mission)

4. “Regulan Bloodworm”
by No Kill I (from Songs About Drinking)

5. “Main Title”
by Jerry Goldsmith (from Star Trek: The Motion Picture)