But, seriously

Sometimes we get it wrong. Really, really wrong.

Last week, SN&R anounced the nominees for its Best of Sacramento 2013 contest. The list was made public July 11, and by the end of the day, we'd already heard from people in the community about just how badly we'd screwed up the best comedian category.

Not only did the list—as chosen by our editorial board—include a handful of comedians who'd either moved or who no longer actively performed in Sacramento, it also didn't feature any women.

Just to be clear: Not. One. Single. Woman.

The oversight would be almost comical if it wasn't so damn egregious. Surely, SN&R doesn't fall into the Christopher Hitchens/Adam Carolla/Jerry Lewis camp of people who claim women aren't funny, does it?

No, no, a million times no.

We could respond with myriad excuses, but truthfully, there are none worthy.

Instead, we offer up an apology—and an amended ballot. After polling readers on Facebook as well as soliciting opinions from some of Sacramento's established comedians, we've made some changes. The revised list won't please everyone (that's an impossible task, of course), but we do believe it's a step: a better, more diverse representation of area comics.

Still don't like what you see? Please add a name via the ballot's write-in category. That goes for nominees in all the Best of categories.

Each year, we strive to improve the Best of issue—to mix it up, make it fresh, make sure that it represents Sacramento as a whole. (Winners, by the way, will be revealed September 12, online and in our print edition). It's a daunting task, sure, but we rely on our readers to keep us in the know, and to keep us honest.