More than just Summer Guide

Thoughtful, hilarious, useful and unexpected goodies abound in SN&R's annual ode to June, July, August and September. Flip to page 22 and jump into the fray, for sure.

But there's a lot more to grow on in this week's issue.

For instance: I knew “trap” (hate that term) music's popularity was on the rise over the past year. There's even a friggin' trap track on A$AP Rocky's album with Skrillex (groan?). And now, there are dance cartels in Midtown's gay-friendly nightclub 'hood, where deejays are “smuggling bass into the Lavender district.” Sounds interesting, dangerous, weird (see this week's 15 Minutes interview, page 94).

Plus, other music-scene updates: Local rapper C Plus drops his latest album (page 78), and popular producer Ira Skinner's band Paper Pistols has a record-release party on Friday at Assembly (page 80).

In the world of “cinema”: It's hard to believe Hollywood's still churning out Superman-franchise flicks; good thing we pay Jim Lane to taste test this stuff instead of, say, me (does Man of Steel fly? See page 76).

I wouldn't mind sampling some crawfish this week, however (page 73), or maybe some smoked hamburgers in Land Park (page 71).

In the world of news, Raheem F. Hosseini reports on the drama surrounding gang-prevention efforts in the city (page 17), Dave Kempa looks at how City Hall can embrace Silicon Valley (page 17, too), and Whitney Phaneuf looks at state legislators' attempt to privatize UC education (page 13).

All right, now back to your regularly scheduled Summer Guide programming.