Built to (not) spill

Illustration by BRIAN BRENEMAN

The glory of this year's Fourth of July holiday has already faded. But for Sacramentans who still feel like celebrating a historic nationalistic event, there's always the French Revolution of 1789. And that comes with a peculiar display of French pomp: The Bastille Day Waiters’ Race (http://sacramentobastilleday.com), happening in Midtown on Sunday, July 12. Put on by the Handle District (http://thehandledistrict.com), the Parisian-inspired event features waitstaff of local restaurants speed-walking around a course for cash. The catch: They're all holding a tray with a bottle of water and table glasses nearly filled to the top with water. The waiters can only use one hand to support the tray and can’t spill water, or they're out. The winner earns $500, second place gets $250 and third place nabs $100. The race has been dominated by the waitstaff of the Grange for the past three years—can they continue the winning streak? It also features samples from various Handle District restaurants—members of the district include Aioli Bodega Espanola, Crepeville and Zocalo Mexican Restaurant.