Brasserie dealing, brisket corning

Illustration by Mark Stivers

Ella Dining Room and Bar

1131 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-3772

Ella Dining Room and Bar is offering a screaming deal through March: dinner for two including entree, side dishes and a bottle of wine for 50 bucks. The menu will change weekly, according to chef Kelly McCown’s seasonal whims, and sommelier Joe Vaccaro will then pair the meal with the perfect wine. These meals are offered Monday through Friday and you can sign up for their mailing list or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get the details. I spoke to chef McCown about his plans for the “brasserie-style” fare, and he said that the third week of March, he will be corning and braising his own brisket in a “pseudo-celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.” Things really get exciting around the end of the month, when the chef ushers in the spring with a blanquette de veau and a whole, wood-roasted local chicken served with stinging nettles and fiddlehead ferns in the fourth and fifth week, respectively. Who said the recession was all bad?