Blow it up

Go Kangz! That’s been my NBA jam for 25 years. But this year’s lineup, whoa: possibly the most disappointing squad ever.

Dismantle it. Now. I won’t say rebuild, because that implies recent success. Kings suuuck.

It starts with DeMarcus Cousins. Adios, Boogie. Ship him off to Boston, or wherever. Get young talent and future first-round picks. Get a deal! But, foremost, get him out of Sacramento.

I’m not a remarkable judge of character, but it’s pretty clear that, during his six years here, players aren’t thrilled to go to battle with Cousins. He’s wildly gifted—but not when it comes to that Vlade Divac-skill of unifying a team and making it better. Instead, he’s poisoned the locker-room well. Bye-bye.

Next, deal Rajon Rondo. Sure, he’s putting up all-star numbers. But he clearly will be moving on next year to another team.

See if you can get something, anything, for Ben McLemore. (Hell, maybe trade him for some Pizza Guys?)

I never understood Rudy Gay’s latest contract, and I’m still not a fan. The dude needs the rock too often—too much usage—and he’s prone to lazy spells. Shop him.

I hope to see Divac stick around. The carousel of Kings basketball management—the past decade—is a sad carnival. Let’s see what Divac the GM can do with Cousins finally out of the picture.

And, lastly, keep George Karl. Yeah, he’s rambling like Eric Musselman and cashing checks like Paul Westphal. But the dude is a Hall of Famer. Give him players who will actually try—hustle!—and who fit in his system. Keep George as a King. Let’s see what he can do with Divac.

The rest of it? Blow it up.