Blade: Trinity

Rated 2.0 This third installment of the vampire franchise based on Marvel Comics characters is an action-packed mess from its lackluster, two-pronged opening segments to its final showdown. Attempts to juice up the series with humor (as Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines did so proficiently) are hit-and-miss and laced with more profanity than wit. Terminator 3 was refreshingly self-deprecating, but Trinity feels more like a coagulated parody of itself. Ultra-cool half-human, half-vampire Blade (Wesley Snipes) is hunted by both the FBI and ancient Dracula himself (who rises from his grave in the form of an alien-like monster) as he joins forces with two human vampire hunters (Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel) and continues his war with the undead. Written and directed by David S. Goyer.