Black Oak Arkansas, The First 30 Years

Rhino Video

You want a dose of some seriously mind-roasting vintage 1970s buttrock, in the down-market Caucasian style popular back then? Look no farther than this DVD, which captures this twisted bunch of snaggletoothed yahoos during their Atco Records heyday, before their careers skidded toward what used to be called the Musical Cemetery of America, the now-defunct MCA label. Yeah, they left off “Uncle Lijiah,” but there’s more than enough brilliant swill here, with singer Jim “Dandy” Mangrum strutting around in white spandex pants and bellowing hillbilly imprecations to Ol’ Scratch in that bruised sphincter of a voice he had, backed by cranked-up Les Pauls playing “Dixie” sideways. It’s like Spinal Tap remade with Slim Jims, Rebel Yell and Daddy’s old Chevy Apache up on blocks with the dog tied to the door handle. Oo-hah!