It’s a Wonderful Life

Given current events, viewing the 1946 Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life has added poignancy.

Here we are, approaching another holiday season. As always, it’s a wonderful time to watch this 1946 gem of a film by director Frank Capra, featuring Jimmy Stewart in the everyman role of George Bailey. What makes watching it even more poignant this year, however, is the added context provided by current events. In the end of Capra’s film, life returned to normal for the residents of Bedford Falls. The alternate reality of Dickensian rapaciousness, the metaphorical Potterville, turned out to be a nightmare that Bailey’s good presence was able to circumvent. But, because too many George Baileys sat out the last election across this giant Bedford Falls of a country, it now appears that we citizens will get at least two long years to find out what life in Potterville is really like. Aren’t you excited?