Billy Joel: Op. 1-10 Fantasies & Delusions

There’s 12 cuts here but only 10 opera, which as any highbrow puff fuddy-duddy will tell you is plural for opus, meaning that one opus is divided into three parts: “Innamorato,” “Sorbetto” and “Delusion.” Now, what the subjects sweetheart, ice cream and delusion have to do with each other is as puzzling as the question of why a somewhat mookish East Coast pop singer would want to risk getting a serious razz from his goomba buddies down at Guido’s Luau Lounge for penning and pimping this set of faux-Gershwin meets Satie in Debussy’s salon piano instrumentals. Not that this is horribly bad; it’s a pleasant little romp as far as pleasant little romps go, and may lead to some soundtrack work along with an improved attitude from snooty French waiters, not to mention quicker corkscrew action from the restaurant’s sommelier. Nevertheless, why is it the word “pointless” keeps coming to mind?