Fantomas’ second release is the concept album you’ve always feared. On Director’s Cut, the group tinkers with a selection of disturbing movie soundtracks, reanimating them its own freakish way. Mike Patton’s bizarro side project with Dave Lombardo, King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn imagines its own version of the Hollywood nightmare with interpretations of creepy movie themes, mostly from the 1950s-1970s. There’s some interesting material—a back-to-back pairing of weird, manic Robert Mitchum flicks, Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear, by composers Walter Schumann and Bernard Herrmann, respectively; two stylish Henry Mancini thrillers, and The Godfather theme, thrash style. Listen to the voices inside the head of “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,” or better yet, a track from Spider Baby, which deserves no mention except Lon Chaney sang a rock ’n’ roll song in it. It’s here. Ed Wood would be proud.