The Knockoffs

“Why is it you guys who write about music like to slam good, solid, well-recorded albums, but you’ll go all puppydog over some noisy punk-rock record that sounds like it was recorded in a garage on somebody’s ghetto blaster?” Good question. Bogus answer: We like to hear people having fun, who aren’t too concerned with how cool they sound. And your real answer: We are members of a secret international cabal of professional wrestling enthusiasts whose agenda is to steer unwitting saps like you toward brainwashing materials such as Sell the Move, which on the surface is merely a slab of good-time post-Ramones yas-yas from one of our cooler local combos as produced by Kevin Seconds. Oh, but listener beware: Upon blasting such witty melodic piledrivers as “I Think I Wanna Be” and “When Things Go Wrong,” you will disavow anyone who insists on wrestling scientific and embrace the rulebreaker ethos.