Bermuda Triangle Service

High Swan Dive

More subdued than the Breeders but not so stoned as Mazzy Star, Bermuda Triangle Service offers its debut CD, High Swan Dive. “Kukui Lei” gets it started with lush, reverb-soaked guitar, wonderful violin and Cynthia Wigginton’s mellow vocals. High Swan Dive plays with unique instruments like a musical saw, a melodica and even a screwdriver. “Pokerhuntus Was Her Name,” a surprisingly effective cover of a song by Thee Headcoats’ Billy Childish, is a special treat. Hearing anything from Childish played as if it actually had been rehearsed is odd, but Bermuda Triangle Service does an excellent job of making the song its own. The originals feature strong lyrics, great musicianship and a good grasp of the “less is more” approach to arrangements. This is the CD for a lazy midnight drive to nowhere in particular.