Baghdad Burning

The author of the blog “Baghdad Burning” also calls it the “Girl blog from Iraq.” This anonymous young woman, like Salaam Pax, offers us the day-to-day perspective of an anti-Saddam Iraqi who isn’t any too happy about the way in which her country’s been liberated. Among her gripes: Since the “liberation,” fundamentalists have started harassing women who choose not to wear the hijab, and women can’t safely leave the house unless they’re accompanied by male bodyguards. Then there’s the whole issue of why Iraqis are not being employed to rebuild their own nation. She reports that the Iraqi firm that rebuilt bridges following the 1991 war made an estimate of $330,000 to repair one of Baghdad’s bridges. Halliburton won the contract, with a bid of $50 million. Any wonder the Iraqis doubt our motives?