Conceptual Guerilla

Not that liberals need ammunition to counter the blathering of wingnuts, dittobots and Fox News-brainwashed dupes; typically, all one must do is wait for the shouting, snarling and drooling to abate momentarily in order to get a word in edgewise. Nevertheless, this Web site promises that, by employing its three-word meme, one can trash any boilerplate right-wing argument. Since the right has been successful at appending the prefix “tax and spend” to “liberal,” this site suggests tacking “cheap labor” onto “conservative,” explaining that the conservative agenda is rooted in the sub-rosa idea that unwashed plebes should slave for next to nothing to support an entitled robber-baron overclass. At the Socialist News & Review, however, we running-dog lackeys prefer to wage our class warfare with a more appropriate term: “neo-feudalist.”