Bad trip

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My boyfriend microdoses LSD and he wants me to try it, too. He’s always talking about how much it has helped him, and how he thinks it will bring us closer together, and how it will help me more with the projects I’m working on. I’m scared, curious, feeling pressured. I don’t really want to do it, but I feel like I should be open to it. I need advice. Your thoughts?

Feeling pressured is reason enough not to microdose LSD. If you choose to engage in something that alters your mind, body, or spirit, be absolutely clear that the choice is yours. That way if something goes sideways you can take responsibility for the outcome. You made the decision. But if you give in to your boyfriend, you might blame him if you don’t experience the flow state (heightened energy, creativity and awareness) that has microdosers evangelizing.

The party line says a microdose is too small to create a medical problem. But stories persist of microdosers suffering from paranoia and psychotic-like states once a microdose wears off or after microdosing too often. Only you can decide whether the risk is worth the potential reward. Another consideration: Most people who praise microdosing have been diagnosed with a mental health concern such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or addictions related to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Microdosing is a quick fix for some people who struggle with a chemical imbalance in their brain.

You can also enter the flow state through meditation or by fully committing to a creative activity. Flow is the focus necessary to give yourself completely to a creative or athletic pursuit. Microdosing might be faster, but it also requires a reliance on something outside of yourself. If you learn how to create and maintain your own flow state, it’s always available to you. You never have to worry about finding LSD or about using an illegal and unregulated drug. One last thing, there’s no evidence yet that proves microdosing has value. The influence of microdosing on the brain is often attributed to a user’s belief that microdosing has a positive influence on the brain.

I’m 50 years old. My girlfriend is 26. Don’t judge, please. Just tell me how to deal. She texts memes and messages to me at work all day long. If I don’t respond she gets upset and says I don’t love her or starts calling me to see what’s up. I’m working, that’s what’s up. How do I handle this without rocking the boat at work or with her?

When you hang out remind her you love her even if you can’t always respond to her text messages right away. Don’t expect her to change. Say it aloud as much for yourself as for her. Then program your phone to automatically send her text messages every day: A meme that represents the love you share. Hearts intermingling with flowers. Whatever. Give her more attention and she might stop seeking so much reassurance from you. If she doesn’t, remind yourself that she’s young and may not trust the stability of the relationship as much as you do.

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