Rated 2.0

Austenland is the movie equivalent of a beach read, a digestible distraction that demands little effort and puts forth even less. It's a film that should only be watched while engaging in a secondary activity, like folding laundry or untangling Christmas lights. An undeniably adorable Keri Russell stars as Jane, a movie-messy bachelorette obsessed with all things Jane Austen, especially the aloof and sensitive Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. After getting dumped by the latest in a series of disinterested boyfriends, Jane cashes in her life savings for a vacation to Austenland, an all-inclusive resort where guests and staff role-play as Austen-esque characters in full costume. The adult theme-park conceit of Austenland is a lot like that of Westworld, except with corsets instead of cowboy boots, human actors instead of robots, and only brain cells getting brutally murdered.