Rated 1.0

A disgraced race-car diver (Ethan Hawke) is forced to steal a car and do the bidding of an unseen voice (Jon Voight)—including kidnapping the owner of the car (Selena Gomez). Written by Sean Finegan and Gregg Maxwell Parker and directed by Courtney Solomon, here's a movie for people who think The Fast and the Furious franchise has gotten too low-key and realistic, its plots too mundane and slice-of-life, with too much dialogue and not enough car chases. In fact, they spare no effort to come up with no plot whatsoever and no more character than it takes to fill the front seat of a car. Certainly, there's not enough to keep Hawke and Gomez busy, and both of them should have known better. Why did they take the gig? It must have been for the free trip to Bulgaria, where the movie was inexplicably filmed.