Laughing to the Bank

Rated 1.0

It almost seems unfair to assess Brian Hooks' comedy atrocity Laughing to the Bank on the same level as other theatrical releases, since it has the narcissism and production values of a home movie. This is ostensibly The Hangover on a budget, as director-star Hooks is forced to relive a wild Las Vegas weekend with a couple of dopey thugs, but it's just an excuse to trot a series of desperately unfunny sketches and would-be beloved characters. Laughing to the Bank's release was delayed since 2011, so that partially explains the decade-old To Catch a Predator references, but good luck rationalizing the script (sample witticism: “You can be a dick holder … that's like a cup holder, except instead of holding cups, you hold dicks.”). Undaunted by the evidence, Hooks' entourage spends much of the film immortalizing him as an under-recognized comic genius.