Another word on leaf blowers

It’s that time of year again and, as pointed out in these pages by a guest commenter, the leaf blowers are at it again. Unless they’re running right after a rain, those reverse-vacuum cleaners from hell are also blowing up all kinds of dust, pollen, chemicals from lawns and cars, and general discomfort.

Think about what’s lying on your lawn, from Weed B Gon to uncollected excretions from your neighbor’s cat, and then ask yourself: Would you really want particles of that blown into your face?

If the answer is no, then please, turn it off. Brooms and rakes offer an alternative that is friendly to the environment, your aerobic health, and your neighbors. We heartily endorse an ordinance banning leaf blowers, but until that happens, please, think of your neighbors. Put those things away and save money, the environment and your health.