Ancient grooves

Ellen Van Fleet, detail from <i>Oval 3</i>, watercolor collage.

Ellen Van Fleet, detail from Oval 3, watercolor collage.

Tapping into the creative process is a whole lot easier when you are inspired by an interest outside of art that drives you to want to do something with it. Such is the case with the work of Ellen Van Fleet. Van Fleet has traveled widely; she’s studied petroglyphs and various ancient two-dimensional art forms from around the world. She then takes this inspiration to her studio and—through the use of watercolor and collage—abstracts these feelings into images that evoke her passion for archaeology and ancient artistic traditions.

New Ovals—Ancient Grooves, an exhibition of works by Ellen Van Fleet, is showing at JayJay, 2906 Franklin Blvd.; it runs through May 26. In addition to the recent paintings, it also features three-dimensional work created by Van Fleet in the early ’80s.