American Minor

The Buffalo Creek EP

Good, honest rock ’n’ roll is hard to come by these days. I’m not talking about the latest hipster reinvention of classic guitar tones and fashion-shoot-ready swagger out of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg district this week, but the kind of aggressive buttrock tape-deck noise that sounds most excellent when being blasted out of a T-top Trans Am while rolling through town barking gibberish at the local skanks. This West Virginia quartet has a good handle on tight-as-a-bee’s-knees 1970s vintage riff rock: Singer Robert McCutcheon’s sandpaper throat howls somewhere between early Tom Petty and Paul Rodgers, while the rest of the band rumbles and kicks like a fine-tuned Mopar mill. The four tunes—“Walk On,” “Get On It,” “Movin’ On Up” and “Buffalo Creek”—are concise three-and-a-half-minute workouts. Where’s the album?