Activate Earth Day

Earth Day was created by students and teachers who tapped into the idealism and activism present in the ‘70s and helped launch modern environmentalism. And while speeches, exhibits and concerts in parks continue the celebration all over the world, we feel that something more than entertainment is called for.

We urge each reader of this paper to join a national energy fast this Earth Day. Turn it all off. That’s right, go without man-made energy for one day. Unplug yourself from the TV. Take a cold shower. Prepare a salad or fruit for meals. Ride a bike to the Earth Day celebration or take the bus.

If you do take mass transit, you might want to plan ahead. As part of our special Earth Day issue, Stephen James tried to be green by using RT and the discouraging results can be seen in “You can’t get there from here,” on page 32. We also have a roundtable discussion by informed sources on the scourge we call sprawl, an open letter to George W. on global warming and a close examination of an environmentally sensitive area of vernal pools.

If all that doesn’t get you involved in conservation of energy, then think of this coming summer. The energy drought will surely create blackouts in the area. Why not start practicing doing without now?