And the winner is … you

The nominations came pouring in like spring rain. The ballot stuffing attempts were thwarted like barbarians at the gate. The critics chose their choices as carefully as choosing a mate. The tickets sold as well as megawatts on the spot market.

After 10 years of practice, the Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES) have progressed into a major music happening that continues to thrive and grow, despite the occasional difficulties in organizing the eclectic music community and ourselves. It seems musicians and newspaper people lead complicated and full lives.

As we go to press, however, everything is in place for an impressive and tuneful evening of fun. We even conned the mayor into proclaiming it SAMMIES day, but she stopped short of handing over a key to anything of importance to SN&R.

And, after the final winner has been announced, the concluding note has been hit, and the last straggler shooed from the Crest Theater, there will be one thing remaining to do. There always is.

That’s to continue to nurture music being made in the Sacramento area. There is a sense of a music community here that enlivens this place where we live and that is what really matters.

So, when deciding what to do on a summer evening, remember that club or café that offers live music and go. You’ll be a winner.