A meh sandwich to go, please

Another Subway sandwich for lunch? Yoga-mat chemical or not, from past experience, a vegan order there is likely to be meh. Totally unmeh, however, are the sandwiches at Pushkin’s Bakery (1820 29th Street). The gluten-and dairy-free joint began offering four vegan sandwiches in June for six bucks each (and house-made potato chips this month). If you show any hesitation in ordering, though, don't be surprised if the friendly employee behind the counter looks you dead in the eye and makes the decision for you: Spicy Adult Grilled Cheese. Just go with it, because the creamy cashew cheese mingles with kicky arugula and cooling tomato on a perfectly soft yet firm roll—totally not like the soggy-prone bread at other sandwich shops that shall remain unnamed … twice. I recommend the Herbivore Delight and substituting the soy-based mayo for the cashew cheese—and getting a cookie for the road.