The raw deal

On August 22, raw-food restaurant The Green Boheme announced it’s closing its cafe doors. Which is too bad, because I was in the middle of reviewing its fare. It’s not going out of business altogether, though, just tweaking its model. For the past few years, I hypothesized the little eatery in north Sacramento was staying afloat mostly because of its demo cooking classes and meal-plan service: “Most of our energy, cost, and time at this point is being spent on our cafe.” I’ll take that as validation. Now, it’s focusing on being a learning center, and it’s joining forces with yet another new juice bar, Liquidology in East Sac—scheduled to open sometime this month—to sell food there. Diners can still eat at the Boheme (1825 Del Paso Boulevard), though, for Friday-night prix fixe dinners. Keep up with the changes at