A friend in need

This week’s feature story was a blast to write (See “These bands are your life,” page 13), in part because it felt like taking a trip through the Sacramento music scene’s colorful past.

Last week, I had a more sobering reminder of the scene’s history when music promoter Jerry Perry was hospitalized after a stroke.

Jerry is one of the rock scene’s most well-known figures, with an influence that dates back to the Vortex dance club in the ’80s and the Cattle Club in the ’90s.

Throughout, his support of local bands has never wavered. In addition to publishing Alive & Kicking, a music pub that folded in 2008, he’s also booked acts for venues and events including Concerts in the Park, the annual Chalk it Up! festival and the SAMMIES awards show.

As news spread on social media about Jerry’s health, the music community jumped into action. Supporters posted well-wishes and a friend launched a GoFundMe to offset expenses for Jerry and his wife, Linda. As of press time, the campaign had topped $14,000. There were some notably large donations, including $2,000 each from Deftones and Cake. Those big gives are amazing, but it’s the numerous smaller donations—$25, $50, $100—that testify to Jerry’s stature. He is universally beloved, and for good reason: He’s passionate, works hard and is quick with a smile and a hug.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a show Jerry has booked, please consider donating (gofundme.com/help-for-jerry-and-linda-perry). If you’re unable, please send good wishes and healing vibes.

Jerry Perry has done so much for this community—it’s time to return in kind.