Defeat Trump’s local ally

I had intended to write this week’s note about the two land-use stories in these pages—Scott Thomas Anderson’s stirring yarn about shady dealings in Folsom, which could have huge regional consequences, and my own news piece about a small Midtown development, and local efforts toward preservation, sustainability and affordability. It’s a coincidence that the two articles are running simultaneously, and they represent crucially divergent planning philosophies. But that’s all I’m going to say about this topic for now, because … Trump.

By now you’ve likely seen the Helsinki press conference, heard the outraged response and read about Trump’s pathetic deceit (“I said would instead of wouldn’t”). There is one thing you may have missed, and I want to call your attention to it because it’s of great local significance in this devolving national tragedy. It’s a statement from Jessica Morse, who is running for congress against Tom McClintock:

“Our troops have sacrificed too much for us to give a foreign adversary a pass. Why hasn’t Tom McClintock followed the example of Senator McCain in speaking out? I have never waivered from my oath to ‘defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,’ and when in Congress, I will use my vote to defend our country and honor the brave men and women who protect us.”

The day before Morse posted this on Facebook, The Bee published an article, by Emily Cadei, who reports from McClatchy’s D.C. bureau, under the headline “Democratic challenger raises more than three times as much as Tom McClintock.” The article went on to report that this represents “the fourth quarter in a row that Morse has outraised McClintock, who has not faced a competitive challenge since being elected to Congress in 2008.”

McClintock did not live in District 4 when he won that 2008 race—he lived in Thousand Oaks. He does not live in the district today; he lives in Elk Grove. (In a Morse meme, Rep. Ami Bera is identified as “Tom McClintock’s congressman.” ;-)

I believe McClintock is beatable. Word is getting out that, like Trump, he is shamelessly dishonest and utterly ineffective; he has authored three laws since he’s been in office; two renamed post offices.

The best way folks in the Sacramento region can fight Donald Trump is to help Jessica Morse.