‘90s Bar Crawl

Saturday, March 10, Mango’s Sacramento, 2 p.m., $22.50-$40

Who were my ’90s icons from childhood? Glad you asked! Daria (though I wanted to be Jane), Elaine Benes (those moves though) and Angela Chase (the angsty, burgundy-headed teen phase I’m still working out). Whoever you idolized in the 1990s, you can embody them for one night. The ’90s Bar Crawl will travel from Mango’s to the Press Club, stopping along the way at participating bars for drink specials, music from the era and more. So throw on your grungiest overalls and sunflower crop top, grab your friends and relive the days of Lisa Frank, JNCOs and pogs. 1930 K Street, www.90sbarcrawl.com.