Issue: September 25, 2014

Dear Folks,

This week in the Reno News & Review, we offer a women's health guide

with emphasis on breast health, including partnering breast exams,

preventive care, breastfeeding and well-fitting bras. It seems that

most women have never had a real fitting before, according to guide

editor Sage Leehey.

On the cover this week, Brad Bynum decided to look at the way one

local merchant parlayed social media success into success in our Best

of Northern Nevada competition this year and the implications for

this kind of marketing.

In Green, Sage has a lot of information on the smoke from the King

Fire that is permeating our region and lungs. Bruce Van Dyke

comments on the newest African American killed by police, this one

shot in the back in Utah. Bob Grimm looks at what's ahead in autumn

movies and hopes it's an improvement over summer. In News, we look

at a Nevada constitutional amendment approved by voters to require

open meetings of the legislature that has never been implemented by

the lawmakers.

We wish you good health in all this smoke. Stay inside and

communicate by social media.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor