Running is a capital crime?

The big march of the People against Climate Change took place in NYC earlier this week—Sunday, Sept. 21—not that you would have seen any mention of it in the press. I looked in the Gazette for a mention of the march on Monday morning. Nope. The Chronicle? Negative. LA Times? Zilch. OK, fine and whatever. I’m sure they have their reasons. Mustn’t let anything get in the way of the latest story about ISIS banning topless oil wrestling in downtown Mosul.

So I'll just inform you that the march was quite the gathering, with estimates of anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 people in the streets of Manhattan to proclaim their concern for the way things are going here in the Golden Age of CO2. When I first wrote about this event a few weeks ago, I may have been a tad hyperbolic, predicting this thing would attract a mill or more (OK, OK, so I got a little breathless). Still, 300,000 is nothing to sneeze at, and a figure I reckon will be noticed by those who should notice. And a note to organizers—next time, if you want better coverage in the stubbornly indifferent lamestream media, make sure a couple of weirdos dressed up as nuns in miniskirts or—even better—as House Republicans. Smash a police car windshield or two. Then you'll get some ink/air, damn it!

And in case you missed the story amidst the media freakout about raging running backs, the carbon dioxide stats for 2013 were recently released, and they continued to climb higher toward the magic 400 mark. The latest number for Earth was 396, which is a sobering count, considering that many of the world's leading climatologists consider 350 parts per million as the highest acceptable mark for this particular phenomenon.

Also buried in the back pages was the story of yet another absurd cop killing. This time, the deed went down in that bastion of racial tension—Salt Lake City? Yep, in an SLC burb called Saratoga Springs, where 22-year old mulatto Darrien Hunt was killed by a pair of cops who flipped out when Hunt waved his three foot long sword at them. Why Hunt was brandishing a sword will never be known, since he, like so many other young black men, ended up permanently unable to explain himself. The officers say Hunt lunged at them with his sword, frightening them so very, very much that they had no choice but to swiss cheese him with a six pack of slugs as he fled. Yes, Hunt didn't attack the cops—he ran away. Or tried to. The fatal shot hit him square in the back. Once, just once, I'd like to read about a black male suspect not shot dead by trigger happy cops living out their Dirty Harry fantasies. When did this country's police decide to revisit Alabama 1906?