Issue: February 25, 2010

Hi everybody,

We’re calling this the Brad Bynum Memorial Issue. Have you ever said, “I have neither the money nor the time to travel to the places in the world that call to me”? Well, it’s all excuses. The man who graces our cover, Jerry Sloss, actually lived under a bridge in order to save the money to pursue travel to the Middle East. The story was written by Brad Bynum, and it’ll make you think about the minor obstacles that kept you from achieving your dreams. Also in this issue, Brad Bynum writes about the Reno-centric dice game of Refusal. Elsewhere, Brad Bynum writes about an old school, new style band called The Madorians. Further down the paper, Brad Bynum talks to actress/singer Megan Smith about her role in the comedic musical The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee. As always, thanks for reading our newsweekly. If it weren’t for you, Brad would probably still work security at the museum.

Thanks, again,