Letters for February 25, 2010

Ad watch

I want to thank the NFL for boldly showing their touching right to life ad. I also want to thank them for all the money they are going to save me in the future. I’m done, soooo done with the NFL.

It was bad enough when they let that sociopath Vick back in the league, but this—I’m done. No more bets on the teams, no more shirts. The minute that ad came on I turned the channel and that’s the way it will stay. You jackasses just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I hope I’m not the only one. This was not the venue.

Cecelia Soper

Lowden vs. Reid

News of Sue Lowden’s run for the Senate gives all freedom loving people hope that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Reid’s attempt to circumvent the U.S. Constitution should convince everyone that he has to go.

Obama Care is health care at gun point! Many provisions in Reid’s health bill can NEVER be changed and would be forced on all generations to come! What kind of minds would make a new generation of slaves to the insurance executives? Godspeed, Sue Lowden, our country needs you!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pa.

Papers, please!

Re “Tantra: It’s not what you think” (Feature story, Feb. 11):

What credentials are required to be a “sex educator” who specializes in tantra? Do you just have to decide you are “spiritual” and like to have sex? Does this require a counseling degree and training at all?

When you are talking about people having “traumas” that affect their sex lives, do you need to maybe be qualified in some way to lead a workshop to address these issues? I didn’t see any discussion about credentials or training in the article. That’s kind of scary.

Keri Visciotti

Editor’s Note: Ms. Rizzoli received her training at an institute in Hawaii.

Join the rest of us

To the uber-greedy superwealthy, and others of that ilk who are now contemplating “survival-steads” away from the masse—you should reconsider.

After economic collapse, that little house on the prairie and your year’s supply of dehydrated food ain’t going to get it, not for very long.

That prayer-ie house and others (like our safe, gated communities) will be eventually overrun by the smelly starving hordes, let there be no doubt.

You cannot collapse a civilization via your greed and expect no repercussions. We will find you and probably eat you, too.

Now if you were to use a fraction of those resources going into prepping your doomstead to instead help retool, you could arguably avert impending apocalypse.

We smelly masses have no money but will labor. You who are too “clever” to labor have the money.

While you flip corporations like we flip burgers, you have the opportunity to use a bit of your seed corn to grow local manufacturing.

I recently wrote about IGT’s latest layoff of 25 skilled cabinet and sheet metal workers. I challenged them to consider retooling.

They could put people back to work building, for example, solar/powered efficient swamp coolers, self-tracking temperature controlled solar ovens, small vertical-axis windmills, and other nifty devices.

Henry Ford created an empire by paying workers good wages, and in turn they bought his cars and collectively built his empire.

Now instead, we have cowardly bottom-line, bottom-feeding corporatists and vacuous venture capitalists, who cannot see the forest-fire for the (money) trees.

Hard times are comin’, and unless you rapidly grow a set, you’ll eventually end up in the mud with the rest of us.

Where oh where has our creativity and daring gone?

Tag, you’re it.

Craig Bergland

Delayed reaction

Re “Setting up psychedelic shop” (Arts & Culture, Nov. 13, 2003):

Great story, but you are lacking some facts. We all have our opinions, but being the other partner of Western Nevada Paranormal, (Wayne Pierce being its founder), “Them is fighting words” when you call our paranormal activity “hogwash.” Have you ever been to the Washoe Club, the one upstairs, on a quiet night? How about Piper’s Opera House or the Old Verdi Inn? Personally, I have seen and felt things that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up on end. We have photographic evidence as well as EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that would send you screaming into the night. There was lots of death on the Comstock Lode from gunshots to poison to diptheria outbreaks to mining disasters. If you are game, sir, you are more than welcome to spend an allnighter in the Washoe Club with Western Nevada Paranormal. Believe me, you will come away a believer. In my opinion the Hearthstone Restaurant and Bar in Tahoe City also pretty well kept up its end in the 1960s and ’70s. Ask the former bartender, Jeff Clack. He was kind of the “elder brother” for me, plus I had one whale of a crush on him as did every girl.

I adore the pizzas they call “Muckers” at the Red Dog today. In fact, my old man and I just enjoyed one great pizza tonight! If you have not had a “Mucker” you are missing the second best thing in life!

Kim Walker
Virginia City