The Wolfman

Rated 2.0

After some monumental struggles, director replacements and many postponements, The Wolfman finally makes it to screens, and those problems are evident in the finished product. While Benicio Del Toro puts in some good work as the hairy one, the film feels like it’s missing something. When actor Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro) hears his brother is missing, he returns to his homeland to discover that someone, or something, has mauled him to death. One night, during an ill-advised visit to a gypsy camp, he’s attacked and ultimately becomes the latest recipient of the wolfman’s curse. Sucks to be him. Anthony Hopkins is probably the best thing about the film. As Lawrence’s off-kilter dad, Hopkins gets to go all wild-eyed, something he does well. While the CGI transformation stuff looks good, Rick Baker’s traditional makeup effects are actually a bit clunky.