When in Rome

Rated 1.0

Kristen Bell kicked some major ass in Reefer Madness, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and, of course, TV’s Veronica Mars. Since Marshall, she’s shown up in the deplorable Fanboys, the embarrassing Couples Retreat, the stupid Astro Boy—in voice only—and now this crap. When in Rome has the dubious distinction of being the worst film of the year thus far. Bell plays Beth, a lonely woman who snatches some coins out of a Roman fountain and gets stalked by men under a spell. This results in the likes of Will Arnett, Jon Heder and Danny DeVito making asses of themselves in shamefully sophomoric ways. It’s sad watching Bell navigate these mundane waters. It’s a testament to her star quality and charisma that she’s likeable throughout this garbage, but enough is enough.