Issue: February 11, 2010

Hi everybody,

Love and sex! Sex and love! In this week’s cover story, special projects editor Kat Kerlin investigates tantra, and it turns out there’s more to it than aging rock stars having eight-hour sex marathons. Elsewhere in this issue, Kat goes hunting for an environmentally safe vibrator. She’s got sex on the brain! Must have something to do with being pregnant. News editor Dennis Myers and I are both much more chaste. He writes about a new hassle being implemented by those innovators of hassle over at the DMV. I check out an art show featuring quilts from rural Alabama, and I also have a grand ol’ time hanging out with the Bindle Stiffs, a local band that celebrates the hobo lifestyle.

Thanks for reading! If it weren’t for you, we’d still be virgins.

Brad Bynum,

RN&R Arts Editor